JDL Mobile Presets II

A collection of 6 bright, grainy, vibrant, and muted presets for Lightroom Mobile!

Lately, I’ve leaned to a different kind of editing style and wanted to share these edits with you guys! I used to enjoy editing with a clean and very muted look but in this set, I decided to go the other way! From F1-F5, You will get vibrant and slightly grainy presets. But I couldn’t resist making a subtle and muted one so for F6, I decided to keep the minimal muted look!

Compatible both in iOS/iPhone and Android + No Lightroom subscription required!

These presets are only for Lightroom Mobile and will not function in Lightroom Desktop.

After checking out, you will receive an email containing the presets and instructions on how to install & use them. Please make sure to use a computer to open the file and read the step by step instructions on how to get them on your phone

What you’ll get:

6 Lightroom Mobile Presets

Installation guide for both Android and iPhone/iOS

For any concerns, reach me at: info@jelitodeleon.com

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