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Exploring Hong Kong Disneyland Resort

One of the places I love visiting is Hong Kong. Every visit, I would always hold off visiting Disneyland just so I have an “excuse” to come back to Hong Kong —haha! A couple of months ago, my friends from Philippines Airlines asked if I was interested in joining a trip to check out Disneyland. Naturally, I said yes because I’ve never been to Hong Kong Disneyland and I’ve never visited any Disneyland Resort ever. So I was pretty excited to finally check out one. What got me even more excited is I was visiting with some of my closest friends. Let me share to you our experience through my photos.

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Landmark Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong

One of the places I freuqent when I come to Hong Kong is Central. Actually, now that I think about it, it's where I mostly spend my time whenever I find myself running around Hong Kong. What I love about the area is that there are so many things to see (and places to eat!!). Naturally, when I came to visit, I jumped on the opportunity to be able to stay in one of Hong Kong's finest: Landmark Mandarin Oriental.

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Little Tai Hang, Hong Kong

I've always loved visiting Hong Kong. Most of the time, when airlines announce seat sales, I instantly check flights to Hong Kong. I've always love just being in this city. I just love how alive the city feels. I've written a lot about Hong Kong in my blog and honestly, I've no regrets about sharing my love about this city. The sights, the food, the tram rides (lol!), and everything else.

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