Seda Staycation


Had my first staycation experience in Seda BGC last weekend. Didn't know that these staycations were fun. (except the checking out and going home so soon part) Sleeping would probably be my favorite part. Second to that was breakfast.

This light greeted me when I entered my room. I guess the gloomy weather helped making the mood extra dramatic.

Excuse my dirty shoes. I need to get it cleaned.

Afternoon drinks at Seda's Straight Up bar. Too bad it was raining, would've been more fun having drinks on the roof deck.

Rare moments when I wake up and my hair still looks good.

During my stay, I requested for a room facing the east so I can catch the sunrise. I overslept and didn't get to catch much of the sunrise. (Oops)

Always fun to play around with my camera and take self portraits (Special thanks to my best friend for being my human tripod.)

Disclosure: This post was made in collaboration with Seda Hotels