Instax Photos - Japan 2017


Late last year, I was fortunate to finally experience Autumn in Japan. It was definitely one of the most magical (not exaggerating!) experiences I've ever had. I still remember tearing up in the train bound for Kyoto when I first saw yellow trees outside. I've always wanted to experience fall since we don't have it in the Philippines. Living in a country where there is only sun and rain, I've always wondered what it was like to see trees turn orange, red, and yellow. I took a ton of photos and I'm still in the process of editing and selecting them so here are some Instax photos I took & printed with my SQ10 during the trip.

Scanned Image_sq1.jpg

Upper Left: View from the hill in Eikando-ji

Upper Right: Walking by the river in Arashiyama. Such a beautiful afternoon spent just taking photos and seeing the foliage.

Lower Left: Train snap while walking around after a long day going around Koreatown in Osaka

Lower Right: Random snap of someone biking. It's actually right below the train from the photo beside it.

Scanned Image copy_sq2.jpg

Upper Left: Walking to Osaka station! We were on our way to Universal Studious when I took this!

Upper Right: Favorite place in Kyoto. Sitting  by the river is one of my favorite things to do in Kyoto (not unless it's too cold to stay there lol!) 

Lower Left: Looking for snacks aka "merienda" after visiting the famous Fushimi-Inari Shrine in Kyoto.

Lower Right: While waiting for time to pass, we decided to spend it by the river and we came a cross a guy with his guitar singing some Japanese song. 

Scanned Image copy_sq5.jpg

Upper Left: Random snap around Universal Studious Japan!

Upper Right: Hogwarts in USJ! So happy to visit this place again! I've been wanting to come back ever since my first visit!

Lower Left: Too cold to move!! Lol!

Lower Right: One of my favorite coffee shops in Kyoto! Forum Kyoto!

Scanned Image copy_sq6.jpg

Upper Left: Rainy afternoon in Kyoto Gyoen National Garden. Wish I got another chance to go here. Didn't get to spend much time since it was raining pretty hard that afternoon.

Upper Right:  Cup Noodles every night in Kyoto. Haha. 

Lower Left: Random snap of somone biking around Gion

Lower Right: View of Eikando-ji from the hill nearby. Beautiful colors.

Scanned Image copy_sq4.jpg

Upper Left: Random snap of a man waiting for the train in Kyoto.

Upper Right: View from the plane from my flight back to Manila.

Lower Left: Waiting for the train to the airport. The light was pretty nice so I decided to take a snap of the lady also waiting for the train.

Lower Right: Me and Ave during out first night in Japan.

Scanned Image copy_sq3.jpg

Left: Went to see  illuminations in To-ji with Jason and Olivia. 

Right: Last night in Kyoto. Glad to have seen the Kyoto Tower at night.

Funny that both photos above  were taken during my last nights in Kyoto (One from my visit in November and the other in December)

Such fun tangible memories. Looking forward to sharing more of these kinds of blog posts in the future.


Anyway, that's it for now. I'll definitely post more Kyoto/Osaka photos soon!