Exploring Taal


I just realized that this blog just turned 1 last August 2!

Had such an amazing weekend with a group of passionate and talented individuals. It was great sharing what I know about mobile photography and Instagram. I also learned a lot from my co-teachers, Kimi Juan and Marvin Conanan

It was my first time to Parasail! My hands were glued to the handles the whole time. 

Melissa, Thomas and Kimi's turn on the Parasail!

(right) "Hey Mel can you sit there?"

BTS of this


Apparently, this crater looking mountain on this photo is not the Taal Volcano. Can't believe for years, I thought it was the volcano. I probably still wouldn't know if we didn't hike up Taal. Another thing I learned is that the lake surrounding the volcano used to be part of the sea but when the volcano erupted, it closed up the lake and now it's a fresh water lake.

Waking up to this view is just breathtaking! And look, the moon is still out!

View of the Taal Volcano Crater

(Not sure if you can see it but there are white areas in the lake. We were told that those white areas mean that the water is boiling!)

(left) My friend Sara Martinez who is in-charge or the business ops of Purveyr