Exploring South


I have always wondered what south was like. I was pretty lucky to have Cat show me around.

Of course, a trip to the south isn't complete without visiting the famous The Girl + The Bull! I've always wanted to visit and eat here but distance has been keeping me from going here. I feel lucky to call Gab and Thea (the people behind this amazing restaurant) my friends! 

Caught Cat taking her Instagram photo! And look, some of my work are on the restaurant's wall! How cool is that!

Another check on my "When I visit South" to-do list. The ever famous Faux Twix from The Girl + The Bull. It definitely deserves all the hype it has been getting!

After that yummy meal, we visited Artists Gallery. It was just a few blocks away from the restaurant.

We headed to Magnum Opus after the art gallery. We took some of the Faux Twix with us so we can have them with our lattes. Someone saw us and said "Those are from here. Those are Faux Twix from The Girl + The Bull!" I guess everyone's crazy for those treats!

To cap off my little adventure around south, Cat introduced me to the owners of Bungalow 300! Such a beautiful space. So many things to love about this store. Don't you just love those jars?

I'm glad I was able to get a peek into what's it like there. It was definitely worth the long (and expensive) cab ride.