Adventures in Yogyakarta with Greenhost Boutique Hotel


A couple of months after visiting Yogyakarta for the first time, I never really stopped thinking about how curious I am to see more of the city. Sadly, during my first visit, we were only there for a couple of days so I didn't really get to see a lot of places (specially Borobudur). For about a year, I've been communicating with my friends over at Greenhost Boutique Hotel to organize a photography workshop and happy to say, it finally happened! I was so thrilled to finally visit Jogja again. The first thing I was looking forward to was visiting the hotel itself because honestly, it's one of the unqiue looking hotels I've ever stayed at. I mean look at it (refer to photo below)!


I got a quick tour of the place during my short trip in Jogja during my first trip but we dind't get the chance to stay over. Happy to share that my stay at Greenhost was A+. The hotel has their own restaurant downstairs so if you're feeling a bit lazy to go out (like me during my first night lol!), you can just go down and have a nice meal. They also have a spa downstairs if you want a nice massage to end a tiring day.


The bedrooms were reasonably priced (and affordable!) plus you'd notice that some objects in the room are actually  repurposed items. Spot the lamp? Haha


A day after the workshop, Greenhost was kind enough to bring me and three other workshop participants around Yogyakarta! Our first stop was Punthuk Setumbu for sunrise! Sadly, the sun was shy and just peeped a bit before going all the way up behind the clouds. But if you come at the right time, you get to see a beautiful view of Merapi and Merbabu + plus Borobudur from afar (can you see it in this photo?). I'd say it's worth the trip if you plan to go to Jogja. For more information about Punthuk Setumbu, you can check this post I found: LINK 


Right after our sunrise attempt, we finally visited Borobudur! Sadly, during my first visit, we didn't have enough time to check this place out so I was pretty thrilled to see Borobudur Temple in our intinerary that day. I've always dreamed of visiting this place ever since I read about it in History class back in high school. Borobudur is the world's largest Buddhist Temple. Quick tip though: Go early because it can get really crowded (photo below shows what it looked like when we arrived (left) and what it looked like when we were about to leave (right))


(Photo above left: Don't be fooled! It took us a couple of tries to get a shot without a lot of people in the frame! Thanks Rizki for taking the photo!)


Honestly though, even with the rush of people going up the temple, it is still a gorgeous sight to see and definitely a must-visit when you come to Jogja. It's amazing how they were able to build such a massive structure during the early times. And also, if you peek into one of the stupas (the bell shaped structure) you would actually see a Buddha statue inside and around the whole temple, there are 72 of them.


After our Borobudur adventure,  we headed to Pinus Pengger and Gumuk Pasir


Never been to a sand dune before so it was pretty cool that we got to check Gumuk Pasir before heading back to the hotel and calling it a day. 


That's it for my adventures in Jogja with Greenhost Hotel. I hope this won't be the last time I'll be writing about Yogyakarta. I'm definitely visiting again in the future.

I'll leave Greenhost's contact details below just in case you guys are curious and also want to check out the place!


Reservation : +62274 - 389 - 777 |

Other facilities and services:

Address: Prawirotaman II #629 Brontokusuman Yogyakarta Indonesia 5515

Disclosure: This trip was in collaboration with Greenhost Boutique Hotel. All opinions are my own.