Animal Adventures with Wildlife Reserves Singapore


My first visit to Singapore was back in 2014 when I collaborated with Bloesem. That time, I spent most of my free time going around coffee shop hopping and checking out touristy places near where I was staying. I didn't really know much about Singapore that time. All I was told is to check out the Hawker Centers in the area. A few months ago, I received an invitation to visit Wildlife Reserves Singapore's parks. Currently they have 4: Jurong Bird Park, Night Safari, River Safari, and Singapore Zoo. I immediately replied yes of course! I've heard good things about the Singapore Zoo too so I was pretty excited to check it out!


Jurong Bird Park, Singapore

After a few emails with each other, I found myself in a van on my way to our first park, Jurong Bird Park. This park is probably my favorite among all the other parks. Jurong Bird Park was built on January 1971 (and the first one to be built among the four parks) and has a total area of 20.2 hectare . There are currently 400 bird species and over 5,000 bird specimens in this park. It also home to the first Twelve-wired bird of paradise raised in captivity in the world & the first Oriental Pied Hornbill to be incubated and hatched in the world. (sadly I didn't get to take photos of either of them.) Admission for Jurong Bird Park is S$29.00 (adult) and S$19.00 (3-12 years) and is open daily from 830AM to 6PM


As we entered, we were greeted by a flamboyance of flamingos. I was in awe of the sight since I don't really see flamingos back home. After spending quite some time checking out the flamingos, we were briefed about what's about to happen and what we were checking out. 


But before starting the tour, we had quite a unique buffet lunch at Songbird Terrace since we ate them with parrots! Buffet Lunch is usually served from 12NN to 2PM. The parrot show starts at 1PM. I suggest come at 12 and eat lunch so when the show starts, you're already done and just get ice cream or something while watching the show. It was pretty cool to see the Scarlet Macaw in person since I've only actually seen them in photos or in Faber Castell colored pencil boxes (lol!)


One of the highlights of the show is seeing this Yellow-crested Cockatoo painting!


There are a lot more things these parrots can do but I'll leave some out so you still see something new when you check it out. Ha!


Right after lunch we went around the park and we first checked out the exhibit for these African Penguins. It was fun to see these little guys swimming around the small man-made ponds! You get the chance to give them food too! Penguin Encounter usually starts at 10:30AM and 3:30PM. So you get to choose which time best fits your schedule.


After the Penguin exhibit, we headed to the Waterfall Aviary. It is 30-meter high and is the largest walk-in aviary in the world. It is also home to over 600 free-flying birds! You even get to feed them worms while going around!


Probably my favorite park of the Jurong Bird Park is the Lory Loft aviary where you can walk around and feed these colorful birds! One bird even flew on my shoulder and gave me a kiss! 


Right after going around the Lory Loft, we hurried to watch the High Flyers show (Happens daily 11AM & 3PM). We got to see a ton of these birds in action and we were told a few facts about some of the most colorful birds in the park!


Right after show was Penguin feeding time! I was pretty excited about this because it's not everyday you get to feed a Penguin! *cue Happy Feet theme song*


We also got to check out the Kings of the Skies (happens daily 10AM & 4PM) show where  we got to see eagles, vultures, and owls! It was pretty cool to actually see a vulture running around the stage! Haha! 

Our last stop in Jurong Bird Park is the Breeding and Research Centre where you will get to go behind the scenes look at the growth process of birds from incubation to weaning.


Carribean Flamingos


Night Safari, Singapore

Right after our adventure in Jurong Bird Park, we headed to the Singapore Zoo for dinner (Where Night Safari, River Safari, and the Zoo are located). Fun Fact: The Night Safari was built in 194 and was the world's first safari park for nocturnal animals. It spans 35 hectares of secondary forest and is home to over a 1000 animals of close to 120 species, of which 35% are threatened. Admission fee for night safari is S$45.00 (adult) and S$30 (3-12 years). Included in the admission fee is a 40 minute tram ride with commentary. Aside from the tram ride, you can also go and walk around the trails in the safari! There are 4 trails so make sure you're energized so you can check all of them out. We started the night with the Creatures of the Night Show (happens daily: 730PM, 830PM, 930PM, and 1030PM) where we were introduced with otters, binturongs (that little guy on the zookeeper's shoulder), raccoons, wolves, and many more.


Right after the show, we hopped on a tram and started with the tour. There was so much to see but unfortunately my battery died and I was unable to capture most of the ride. It kinda felt a bit better since I got to focus more on the tram ride than take photos. One of my favorite sights (and so happy I was able to take a photo) was the Malayan Tapir. These guys are so cute! Wish we could go down and pet them lol!


After spending the whole day checking out the Jurong Bird Park and Night Safari, we were ready to go back to the hotel and sleep. It was honestly really tiring going around but it sure was fun to see and learn about all these animals.

River Safari, Singapore

The next morning, we headed straight to the Singapore Zoo & River Safari! We were told on the way to the zoo that we were having breakfast with orangutans besides us! It was pretty cool to be seated right beside these cute guys. This happens daily from 9AM - 1030AM and admission is S$35 (adult) and S$25 (Child)

Our day wasn't as packed as yesterday so we got to actually check out some sights on our own time. We got to pass by River Safari first before going to the Singapore Zoo. The River Safari is probably the youngest of all 4 parks by Wildlife Reserve Singapore. It was officially opened on February 2014 (still quite new!). It is home to 200 animal species (40 of which are threatened) and over 6000 aquatic and terrestrial animal specimens. There are 69 exhibits for you to see so you can definitely spend the whole afternoon here. Some of the exhibits were opened to the public a few years prior to its official opening like the Giant Panda Forest. Admission for River Safari (which includes a River Safari Cruise boat ride) is S$30 (adult) and S$ (3-12 years) and is open from 10AM - 7PM! 


What's cool about the River Safari exhibits are they're divided into zones that represent different rivers around the world. Mississippi River, Congo River, River Nile, Ganges River, Mekong River, and Tangtze River which features the Giant Panda Exhibit! It was nice to see what underwater creatures live in each river! And the fish were huge! 


Easily my favorite part of the River Safari was the Giant Panda Exhibit where we saw a Giant Panda and a Red Panda! I can't believe I actually saw one up close! I used to spend a lot of time on YouTube watching videos of both the red panda (which actually is not really a panda) and the giant panda! They're just so cute!


Singapore Zoo, Singpaore

Right after River Safari, we checked out the rest of the Singapore Zoo!  Singapore Zoo opened just a few years after Jurong Bird Park opened! There are abiut 2,800 animal specimens and over 300 species (26% are threatened). Admission fee is S$33 (adult) and S22 (3-12 years). You can also avail of the tram ride around the park (S$5 adult & S$3 child)One thing I noticed about this place is that you won't see any cages! You actually get to see the animals in their "territory" without having to peek through the cage. There was even a Cotton-top Tamarin (above left) that was following us around the zoo!


Timon & Pumba ha!


We were lucky to be in the Lion exhibit when it was feeding time because the male lion was resting at the very back of the exhibit, we thought we won't be able to see him anymore but yay, he came out!


We also got to feed these Giraffes with carrots! They have long tongues that wrap around their food!These cute creatures just couldn't get enough carrots haha!


We got to check out Fragile Forest too where you'll get to see monkeys swinging from branch to branch, flying foxes casually hanging around, and a lot more! 


I got to also encounter their little guy! I've only heard of Lemurs on the TV shows I watch and it was cool to see them in person running around the Fragile Forest! I think they were quite curious why there were quite a few people going around.


There were also kangaroos


And a ton of Baboons!


It was such an amazing experience to be able to experience and visit the parks. I think I developed a new love and appreciation for these little creatures around us. Although my trip was quick, I think it was definitely worth checking out when you're in Singapore. I hope you enjoyed reading and looking at the photos as much as I had fun taking and reliving every fun moment.

I'll list the prices again below so you won't have to scroll up and look for them one by one. Haha!

Jurong Bird Park - (2 Jurong Hill Singapore 628925 | Open daily from 830AM to 6PM) -  S$29 ADULT / S$19 CHILD 3-12 YRS - Tram ride not included | For more information visit their website:

Night Safari - (80 Mandai Lake Road Singapore 729826 | Open daily from 730PM to 12MN) - S$45 ADULT / S$30 CHILD 3-12 YRS - Inclusive of Tram Ride |  For more information visit their website:

River Safari - (80 Mandai Lake Road Singapore 729826 | Open daily from 10AM to 7PN) - S$30 ADULT / S$20 CHILD 3-12 YRS - Inclusive of River Cruise | For more information visit their website:

Singapore Zoo -  (80 Mandai Lake Road Singapore 729826 | Open daily from 830AM to 6PM) - S$33 ADULT / S$22 CHILD 3-12 YRS - Tram ride not included | For more information visit their website:

They also offer a Parkhopper Pass which gives you 7 day pass for all 4 parks for S$69

Disclosure: I was a guest of Wildlife Reserve Singapore during this trip but all opinions are my own.