Running Around Hong Kong with an Instant Camera


Hong Kong has probably been my favorite place to visit ever. I've blogged so much about Hong Kong that you'd probably find at least 4 entries about me being in Hong Kong. Anyway, here's another one to add to the bunch and I don't think this will be the last. The first time I visited Hong Kong was a few years ago during a trip with a few friends. They kept on telling me that I will love Hong Kong. And they were so right. I instantly fell in love with this city. From the tall buildings to the little pocket stores you'd find everywhere, I love them all. One thing that keeps on changing every visit is the camera I bring with me. I remember during my first visit, I only brought my point and shoot with me. The next one was my DSLR, and so on... For this trip, I had an instant camera. I've always wanted to challenge myself by only bringing an instant camera to a trip and writing a whole post with just photos taken with instant photos. I used the new Fujifilm Instax SQ10 to take the photos. I remember being in Japan when I first heard the news about this camera coming out.  I wanted to get my hands on one ever since because of its square format. There was a time when I was so into square photos that I even got myself a Lubitel166B to shoot square photos in film. I loved using it but it was pretty bulky to bring around. Anyway, I finally got myself the SQ10 last August and was so happy with it that I decided to bring it with me to Hong Kong so I can play around it more. Plus an excuse to use more film ha!


I was initially planning to scan them one at a time but I am so bad at scanning and it was taking forever to scan each so I decided to group them by fours. These, by the way, are in no particular order. 

Top Left: Just a random snap after watching a Chinese Opera in HKU

Top Right: Finally got to see the iconic shot of the street market in Prince Edward

Lower Left: View from my room in Tin Hau

Lower Right: Jesso, Me, and Jenna after eating in Seoul Bros (fave!!)



Top Left: At an event with a few friends in Hong Kong. This was actually a photo from my phone which I then transferred to the SQ10 to print (I plan on making a tutorial thing on this!)

Top Right: This photo shouldn't be here. I just added it because it was weird if there was a blank white area during the scan. Ha! This was taken during my birthday. One of the first few photos taken with this camera.

Lower Left: A random snap of Jess at Repulse Bay.

Lower Right: Another random snap. Nicole had her films developed here.



Top Left: Neon light snap at a restaurant called Honbo in Wan Chai

Top Right: Stranger at Repulse Bay

Lower Left: From outside Honbo. We tried fitting ourselves in two cocktail tables haha!

Lower Right: Accidental photo. The thing with the SQ10 is it lets you set your camera to instantly print your photos right away after taking or print it later. What I usually do is put it on Manual (print it later option) so I can take a ton of photos and then print it all when I get back to the room. That's one of the things I like about the SQ10. Although some might say that it kills the excitement of the "instant" feel, I like how it helps me not worry about accidentally clicking the shutter and wasting film. 



Top Left: Drinks after dinner at Aberdeen Street Social in PMQ

Top Right: New friends in Hong Kong: Nicholas, Irwin, &  Phoebe! Laura doesn't count cause we've been friends for a while already haha! 

Lower Left: My living area in Mandarin Oriental

Lower Right: View from my room in Tai Hang in Tin Hau



Top Left: Sunset at Repulse

Top Right: More photos from Repusle

Lower Left: Beach day with Jess, Nicole, and Gill! Fun day!

Lower Right: View from my room in Sai Ying Pun.


That's it for my mini adventure in Hong Kong. Looking forward to doing these more often (and learning how to scan photos better LOL)

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