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Back in my favorite place, Hong Kong. This place never fails to surprise and inspire me. Every visit is a different experience. This time, I traveled with one of the people I met during my Indonesia trip, and is now one of my closest friends, Sarah. This is actually the first trip where I had nothing planned. Usually, I'd have a list of places I'd want to visit but not I barely had anything on the list. All I wanted was to check if they had the black gazelles in adidas (I was successful in finding a pair!). Other than the shoes, all I wanted to do was chill. All my other trips to this place were always packed with stuff to do so I'm pretty happy that this time, I get to just sit in a coffee shop and let time pass.


Here are a few of my travel essentials:

1. Watch from Komono

2. Sunnies from OWNDAYS

3. Gazelle Shoes from adidas (personal favorite silhouette from adidas)

4. Reading material - Cereal Magazine is my favorite to bring with me!

5. Passport & Pen (of course!)

6. Sandals from Birkenstock

7. 360 Camera from Insta360 (because who doesn't like 360 degrees selfies? haha!)

8. Flytpack Mobile Wifi Router (A recent discovery which kept me connected when I was out of the country

Let me talk about Flytpack since I found it very helpful during this trip, I'd like to talk about what it is or how can it help my travel.

To be honest, at first I was a bit 50-50 on trying this out because usually, when I travel, I just turn on my roaming data since it's already there and I get a bit lazy sometimes. After asking around about Flytpack, I gave it a try and my experience was great. 

Big thanks to Sarah Tirona for the photo!

Big thanks to Sarah Tirona for the photo!

One problem I've always had when turning my roaming data on was the text & call charges I get when I have it on. Receiving text messages while traveling can be quite pricey to be honest. There was even this instance where I actually replied to someone who kept texting me. I told that person"Hi please contact me through Facebook/Whatsapp because receiving texts can be expensive." and guess what? that person replied through text saying "Okay. Sorry." Haha! Anyway, going back to the point, having a mobile router with me like Flytpack helps me avoid unnecessary phone bill charges when I'm traveling since I can just switch on airplane mode and keep the wifi turned on so that I won't incur additional charges for texts and calls.

Another thing that happens is when I'm traveling with someone and I'm the only one who has internet so of course I turn my Hotspot on and it works but once they stop using the hotspot, my hotspot automatically turns off and every time they have to access internet, we'd have to keep repeating the process over and over (which can be quite tedious sometimes.) Having Flytpack with me let's me share the internet with 5-8 people on one device so that's pretty awesome and I wouldn't have to worry about draining my phone's battery too since it has its own.

When you rent a unit, it comes with the router, a power cable, and a wall adapter.

It's actually easy to avail of the unit. 

All you have to do is book & pay through this link: (Make sure to rent at least 5 days before your scheduled flight!) After booking and paying, you get the option to either get your unit delivered to you or you can pick it up at their office at the 11th floor of SM Aura Office Tower (it's just right beside the mall. You can access it from the 5th floor of SM Aura). After getting your unit, you're all set! Once you arrive in your destination country, all you have to do it turn the device on and connect to the router and you're connected. After you get back from your trip, you just have to return it via courier or bring it back to their office and that's it. 

Now on to the most awaited part of my non-stop gushing over this device: the price. Price depends on where you're going but it can go as low as 180PHP per day (Thailand & Singapore) and the highest they have is 500php (Canada, Europe, & USA). They also offer Cross-country plans for when you decide to finally have that dream to travel around Asia or Europe. For Asia it's 300PHP per day and for other parts of the world it's 550PHP. For more information on prices and other FAQs, you can check out their website.


Besides spending most of our time seated inside a coffee shop, we also had fun riding the tram back and forth lol!


Costume parties at the park


I didn't really get to take a lot of photos during this trip but this will definitely be one of my favorite trips to this place. Maybe one day I can finally call Hong Kong my home.

Disclosure: I partnered with Flytpack during this trip

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