Holiday Gift Guide 2018

Just in case you haven’t finished your Christmas shopping this season, I’ve complied a few things that I’ve acquired this year that I think would be great as gifts during this holiday season. The items on the list are mostly stuff I’ve been using and love. From facial products to perfumes to audio accessories. This year’s list is probably as random as it gets. I hope this list helps you guys decide on what to give your loved ones this holiday season! Happy Holidays and have fun shopping!

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On Board the Ovation of the Seas

As a fan of watching movies and tv shows, I often come across a situation where a character goes on a cruise and just disappears for a few episodes. Most of the time, what you’d hear from them is how much they loved being on a cruise and how amazing it was. The character then suggests everyone to go on a cruise too because they will love it. I’ve always fantasized about being on a while sipping a nice cold drink while looking at the different hues of the ocean. A month ago, my friends from Royal Caribbean Philippines reached out and asked if I was interested in joining them on a 7-day trip at sea on board the Ovation of the Seas. Of course, I immediately said yes! I was so set to finally make that fantasy a reality.

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Exploring Seoul, South Korea

A few months ago, I received an email from a friend asking me if I wanted to join a trip to Korea. I was definitely up for it since I’ve never been to Korea and I’ve always been curious what it’s like there. Usually when my friends and I talk about traveling, most of the time, South Korea is usually mentioned. A lot say that the sights are beautiful, the food tastes amazing, the people are nice, and of course shopping! For years now, I’ve been following a few people on social media that live in Seoul and most of the places they share look amazing! A few months after exchanging emails, I was all set!

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Honor 10 Gallery

It’s been a few months since I talked about my initial experience with Honor 10. So far, after that entry, I haven’t encountered any problem with it and I’m looking forward to keeping this in my pocket for a long time! As promised during my previous entry, here are a selection of photos I’ve taken with the Honor 10.

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Exploring Hong Kong Disneyland Resort

One of the places I love visiting is Hong Kong. Every visit, I would always hold off visiting Disneyland just so I have an “excuse” to come back to Hong Kong —haha! A couple of months ago, my friends from Philippines Airlines asked if I was interested in joining a trip to check out Disneyland. Naturally, I said yes because I’ve never been to Hong Kong Disneyland and I’ve never visited any Disneyland Resort ever. So I was pretty excited to finally check out one. What got me even more excited is I was visiting with some of my closest friends. Let me share to you our experience through my photos.

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Thoughts on the Honor 10

After almost a month of use, I'm finally ready to share what I think of the new Honor 10. I'm going to make this a 2-part thing as I'll be mostly talking about the device on this post and will share a whole blog post with photos taken with the Honor in the next one. For now, here are a few things that I enjoy with my Honor 10.

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